Chaco Plots in PySide

I’ve been working on learning how to use the QT4 framework in python with the PySide bindings.  I’m trying to move into more app-centered development as opposed to just doing all of my work from a command line.  I work in an environment with very few actual programmers, and if I can develop real apps to do analysis, then it’s much easier for me to share my tools than if I develop command-line programs.  GUIs are just much more accessible to non-programmers, and I like being useful to my coworkers.
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Shattered Empire

I’ve been running a Fourth Edition D&D campaign for about a year now, mostly with old college friends. It’s been both a challenge and a pleasure to keep it going. We live in different areas of the country (and our party cleric is soon going to move to another country entirely!), so we’re obliged to play over the internet. There’s tools available to play remotely, but they’re imperfect and we have problems. Scheduling difficulties add another layer of problems as well. But it’s just great fun to get together with old friends and hand them a group of orcs to kill.
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